A review of Friday Book by John Barth

Essays can often have a certain unapproachable quality. However, when you read Barth, you can’t expect a constant stream of seriousness, or at least seriousness in the most acceptable times. Even before the barrage of essays comes forth to dazzle us, under the heading “The Title of This Book,” he already starts with some unserious seriousness when reflecting on the various sorts of titles floating around in the literary world—while refraining from actually speaking of his title much at all.

An interview with Pillar of Salt’s Anna Salton Eisen

Anna Salton Eisen’s memoir Pillar of Salt: A Daughter’s Life in the Shadow of the Holocaust, has never been more relevant than it is today. As we witness Ukrainians under attack and escaping across the Polish border, Anna’s new book draws upon her parents’ Holocaust history to bring perspective on the current war. In this Q&A, Anna talks about her new book, her parents and why they didn’t talk about the Holocaust when she was growing up, her trip to Poland with her parents, her new project, and lots more.