Category: Author interviews

An Interview with Dennis “Mitch” Maley

Dennis “Mitch” Maley, a Bradenton, Florida journalist and author, delves into harsh historical events in his newest book, Burn Black Wall Street Burn (Punk Rock Publishing June 2021), and he does so with verve, talent, and force. Told through the eyes of several characters, the book is a riveting, up close and personal story of one of America’s ugliest moments. Written as historical fiction, or “dramatized history,” the book is accurate, but goes beyond the hard facts to vividly tell an intimate story of many lives at the center of a tragedy.

An interview with Emanuel Xavier

The author of Selected Poems of Emanuel Xavier talks about his book, dedications, selection criteria, the ballroom scene and Jesus, Spanglish, his favorite poems, poetry and the pandemic and more.

An interview with RWR McDonald

The author of Nancy Business talks about the premise of his new book and where the idea came from, on being adopted into the Crime genre community, his twelve year old narrator, his New Zealand setting, books he’s recently read and loved, and more.

Interview with Richard Souza

The author of A Cage Full of Monkeys talks about his new book, the word “Saudade” and the role it plays in his life, his early sexual experiences, memory imagined and reconfigured, his literary references, why he wrote the book, and lots more.

Interview with Lee Zacharias

The author of What a Wonderful World This Could Be talks about her new novel and its timeliness, her research, on writing about difficult and painful subjects, how she managed the many paths and threads of the book, the book’s long path to publication, and lots more.

An interview with Sherra Aguirre

The author of Joyful, Delicious, Vegan talks about her self and her childhood, her new book, her route to becoming a writer, how she deals with writers’ block, the inspiration for her book, her favourite authors, support network and more.

An interview with Felix Holzapfel

The author of Catch-42 talks about the main elements that inspired his book, his themes, on travelling the world, how everyone can participate in future decision making, and lots more.

An interview with Paolina Milana

The author of Committed talks about she was has been able to write about such heartbreaking and often frightening moments from her past in her two memoirs, on writing about mental illness, on the epistolary memoir, differences in the writing of her two books, on writing in different genres, advice for aspiring writers, and lots more.

An Interview with Seth Mullins

Seth Mullins talks about his new book The Authors of this Dream and the series it fits into, his characters, Shamanism and the metaphysical elements of his book, on writing music (and his own experiences as a musician), the relationship between violence and powerlessness, and lots more.