Category: Author interviews

Interview with Stuart Tett

The creator of the Tintin Young Reader’s edition talks about his love of Tintin, about how he became involved with the Little Brown Young Readers project, why Tintin remains so popular, his work on the series, upcoming titles, his favourite Tintin villain, his other Tintin projects and where to find them, and lots more.

Interview with John Flanagan

John Flanagan talks about his 11th Ranger’s Apprentice book, The Lost Stories, the 12th book and its potential setting, his characters, the upcoming film, his new series Brotherband, and lots more.

Interview with Johan Harstad

The author of Buzz Aldrin, What Happened to You in All the Confusion talks about his first novel, his characters, about fame and obscurity, The Faroe Islands, about music in his work, about Buzz Aldrin himself, the television series, on international translations, and lots more.

An interview with Eric Maisel

The author of Mastering Creative Anxiety talks about his latest book, about why creating produces so much anxiety, his best tips for either avoiding, or managing anxiety, how to ‘get a grip on your mind’, the relationship between making meaning and anxiety, and lots more.

Interview with Mark Seal

The author of The Man in the Rockefeller Suit talks about the serendipity that gave rise to his book, his main character, his research, and more.

Interview with Mayra Calvani

The author of How To Turn Your Book Club Into a Spectacular Event talks about her latest book, about book clubs and their benefits, about why writing for middle-grade readers is so much fun, her darker talents, and lots more.

Interview with Ouyang Yu

The author of On the Smell of an Oily Rag talks about his latest book, about the “pen-notes fiction” genre he uses, perhaps for the first time in English, the value of fragments, his feelings towards Australia, forthcoming work, and more.