Category: Author interviews

Interview with Pam Garlick

The author of Into the Fire talks about her book, her inspiration, how she became a writer, her style, her current work in progress, advice for other writers, and more.

Interview with Nicky Pellegrino

The author of The Food Of Love Cookery School talks about her new book, her transition from journalist to author, her work in progress, her writing process, her favourite authors, advice for other writers, her inspiration, her research, and lots more.

Interview with Marcy Luikart

The author of River Braids talks about her new novel, about how she started writing, her inspirations, her writing style, her themes, her biggest challenges, and more.

Interview with Paddy Bostock

The author of Foot Soldiers talks about his latest novel, how he began writing, about the basis for his book, influences, his other work and work-in-progress, his striking covers, his challenges and lots more.

Interview with Sarah Weinman

The author of Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives talks about the inspiration for her new anthology, the genre of “domestic suspense” and its relationship to other kinds of crime fiction, the author in her collection she would like to see gain more credit, her early influences, on gender and genre, the influence of war on fiction, and lots more.

Interview with Koethi Zan

The author of The Never List talks about the inspiration for her new book, the relationship between real life news events and her work, why she became a writer, her own ‘never list’, her favourite female character in fiction, her research, her perfect writing place, and more.

An interview with Donald Greig

The author of Time Will Tell talks about his first novel, the parallels between his work as a lecturer and performer and his plot, on the nature of storytelling, about having musicologists as protagonists, the links between music and writing, and lots more.

An interview with Beth Hoffman

The author of Looking For Me talks about her latest book, the connection she feels with her settings, the power of objects, her characters and how they come about, birds and feathers in her work, advice for new novelists and lots more.

An interview with Mary Kay Andrews

The author of Ladies’ Night talks about her new book, about the skeletons in her closet, about her choice of protagonist, her characters, her setting, her current reading, what’s next, and more.

A Conversation with Deborah Harkness

The author of the All Souls Trilogy talks about her first novel in the series A Discovery of Witches, about her new novel Shadow of Night, about casting ideas for the upcoming film, about her historical characters, her day job, the intersection of science and magic, her historical research, her writing process, and lots more.