Category: Author interviews

An interview with Beth Hoffman

The author of Looking For Me talks about her latest book, the connection she feels with her settings, the power of objects, her characters and how they come about, birds and feathers in her work, advice for new novelists and lots more.

An interview with Mary Kay Andrews

The author of Ladies’ Night talks about her new book, about the skeletons in her closet, about her choice of protagonist, her characters, her setting, her current reading, what’s next, and more.

A Conversation with Deborah Harkness

The author of the All Souls Trilogy talks about her first novel in the series A Discovery of Witches, about her new novel Shadow of Night, about casting ideas for the upcoming film, about her historical characters, her day job, the intersection of science and magic, her historical research, her writing process, and lots more.

An interview with Jessica Bell

The author of The Book talks about her latest novel and its inspiration, her protagonist Bonnie, the other characters, the video she’s created to support the book, the song behind the book, and more.

An interview with Menna Van Praag

The author of The house on Hope Street talks about her new novel, why her characters were allotted ninety-nine days to heal, about her characters, about magical realism and why she’s drawn to it, her setting, on “translating” the novel from English to American, her favourite writing quotes, and lots more.

An interview with Leigh Byrne

The author of Call Me Tuesday talks about her book, why she wrote it, the difficulties she had, the importance of promotion, book sales, her new projects, advice for other writers, and more.

An interview with Max Allan Collins

The author of Seduction of the Innocent talks about his novel, his relationship with comics, the possibilities of the comic medium, his thoughts on the 100 Bullets series, his first exposure to comics, and lots more.

Interview with Phil Kenney

The author of Radiance talks about his novel, its premise, themes, inspiration, influences, how his writing career and career of a psychotherapist conflict and align, surprises, challenges, language, characters, on teaching poetry, and lots more.

An interview with Ceri Radford

The author of Constance Harding’s (Rather) Startling Year talks about her new book, about the blog that gave rise to it, about the relationship between journalism and fiction, between fact and fiction, about future plans, and more.

A Conversation with Danielle Trussoni

The author of Angelopolis talks about her new book, her favourite characters in the book, her writing schedule, her dream book club, her hobbies, her research, her relationship to Russia and Eastern Europe, her ideal reader, and lots more.   Which of…