Category: Author interviews

Interview with Mark Seal

The author of The Man in the Rockefeller Suit talks about the serendipity that gave rise to his book, his main character, his research, and more.

Interview with Mayra Calvani

The author of How To Turn Your Book Club Into a Spectacular Event talks about her latest book, about book clubs and their benefits, about why writing for middle-grade readers is so much fun, her darker talents, and lots more.

Interview with Ouyang Yu

The author of On the Smell of an Oily Rag talks about his latest book, about the “pen-notes fiction” genre he uses, perhaps for the first time in English, the value of fragments, his feelings towards Australia, forthcoming work, and more.

Interview with Victoria Ufondu of Jotspeak

The creator of Jotspeak talks about her new writing site and why it’s different, why she started it, on the spoken word form, her marketing process, their charity gigs, a sneak preview on where the site might be headed, and lots more.

An interview with Kristin Bair O’Keeffe

Kristin Bair O’Keeffe talks about her novel Thirsty, about her life in China and why she’s there, her publisher, on the craziness and creativity, of promoting a novel cross-country, on why she’s sending her resume to Cirque du Soleil, and lots more.

An interview with Mari Strachan

The author of The Earth Hums in B Flat talks about her first novel, her youthful character Gwenni, her star agent, her innovative publisher Canongate, about how we can live more sustainably, her writing Masters, her next novel(s), and lots more.

Interview with Louis Nowra

The author of Ice talks about his latest novel, his characters — both real and imagined, the relationship between fiction and biography, the relationship between love and madness, his upcoming work, and lots more.

An interview with Jennie Nash

The author of The Last Beach Bungalow and The Only True Genius in the Family talks about her latest novel, her thoughts on the origin and nature of genius, on her characters, on losing a parent, on the writing “zone”, and lots more.