Category: Author interviews

An interview with Paolina Milana

The author of Committed talks about she was has been able to write about such heartbreaking and often frightening moments from her past in her two memoirs, on writing about mental illness, on the epistolary memoir, differences in the writing of her two books, on writing in different genres, advice for aspiring writers, and lots more.

An Interview with Seth Mullins

Seth Mullins talks about his new book The Authors of this Dream and the series it fits into, his characters, Shamanism and the metaphysical elements of his book, on writing music (and his own experiences as a musician), the relationship between violence and powerlessness, and lots more.

An interview with T.I. Lowe

The author of Under the Magnolias talks about her new book and why it is different from her other romance novels, the emotions she felt while writing, her characters, setting, themes, her own personal experiences and inspiration, and lots more.

An interview with Melanie Dobson

The author of The Curator’s Daughter talks about her new book and what inspired the storyline and characters, how she connected her two main characters, what makes the book unique compared to other books in the WWII genre, some of the surprising things she found in her research, her favourite and most difficult characters, her new work-in-progress, and lots more.

An interview with Anahid Nersessian

The author of Keats’s Odes: A Lover’s Discourse talks about her latest book, the way in which her lived experience complicates her understanding of this canonical poet and the way in which she’s had a personal conversation with him about poetry and pain, activism and revolution, love and the sublime, on poetry and social movements, what’s exciting her in contemporary poetics, and lots more.

Interview with Jess Corban

The author of A Gentle Tyranny talks about the inspiration for her novel, characters, and setting, writing for a YA audience, her research, themes, how she became a writer, and lots more.

An interview with Brianne Davis

Brianne Davis is a Hollywood actress, writer, producer and director. She can be seen as an actress in Lucifer, Casual, True Blood, the History Channel’s series Six, and the film Jarhead, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. She has directed two films, The Night Visitor 2: Heather’s Story and Deadly Signal. In this in-depth Q&A, she talks about why she wrote her novel Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex & Love Addict, the relationship between her writing and acting, how much of her story is based on real-life, how music influences her work, how she structures her writing time, her Secret Life podcast, advice for those struggling with this disease, and lots more.

An interview with Kentucky Outlaw Poet Ron Whitehead

In this new interview with a poet that Lawrence Feelinghetti calls a “Bodhisattva in Kentucky”, Ron Whitehead talks about how he became aware he was a poet, some of his favourite poems, what his life was like growing up, how he’s navigating Covid-19, his writing, music and visual art style, his project From the Ancestors: Poems and Prayers for Future Generations, 14 suggestions for aspiring poets and writers, and lots more.

An interview with Tom Maremaa, author of Man on the Isle of Jura

The author of Man on the Isle of Jura, a sequel to his novel Of Gods, Royals & Superman, returns to Compulsive Reader to talk about his latest novel and how it came about, why he decided to continue the story of his character Christopher Reed, the significance of the Isle of Jura, what happens to George Orwell in 1948, on writing genre, and more.