Category: Author interviews

An Interview with Kristina Marie Darling

Literary critic, agent, teacher, and author Kristina Marie Darling talks about her many creative hats, her latest collection of poems Dark Horse, her influences, on the nature of time in poetry, her latest work of literary criticism, Real Je Suit L’Autr, Tupelo Press, advice for writers, and lots more.

An interview with Michael Foldes

The Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Ragazine talks about his magazine, his social and political work, his own poetry, the most popular column in Ragazine, how the magazine survives (or not) without fees, and lots more.

​An Interview with Carole Mertz

The author of Toward a Peeping Sunrise talks about her new poetry chapbook, how and why she began writing poetry, her publisher Prolific Press and why she chose them, on poetic forms, poetry challenges, her studies at the Mozart Academy in Salzberg, using images in her work, some of the themes of her essay, what’s on her shelf, and lots more.

An interview with Holden Sheppard

The author of Invisible Boys talks about his debut novel and how the book came about, characters and themes, on writing earnest depictions of guys, the bisection of the personal journey and healing with the creation of art, how things have changed, and how they haven’t, the power of music and its role in the book (and his life), excellent advice for writers, and lots more.

An interview with Nan Sanders Pokerwinski

The author of Mango Rash: Coming of Age in the Land of Frangipani and Fanta talks about her book, her broad interests, her background, on writing about potholes, on the link between photography and writing, on Michigan, her work in progress and more.

An interview with Joey L. Dowdy

The author of Rise to The Rhythm talks about his book, his past struggles, his strategies for staying positive in the face of these, his inspiration, how to overcome a rut, the books he’s reading, how he balances the different segments of his life, and more.

An interview with James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

The highly popular and comprehensive Midwest Book Review has been in operation since 1976, and hosts 9 monthly book review magazines such as the Reviewer’s Bookwatch and Internet Bookwatch which are written by volunteer reviewers.  Editor-in-Chief, James A. Cox, talks about the site and how it came to be all those years ago and the changes that have taken place, how he keeps up with resources, his connection with libraries and mailing lists, his most popular links, their funding model, and lots more.

Interview with Sybil Baker

Sybil Baker’s latest novel is While You Were Gone (IPPY Silver Medal). In this interview with novelist Ketaki Datta, Baker talks about balancing the demands of writing and teaching, about living in Chattanooga, her students and their impact on her work, her plot and character development, on the integration between showing and telling, and lots more.

An interview with Douglas Cole

The author of The Blue Island and many other poetry collections talks about his work, the influence of being a resident of Washington, why he loves poetry, his awards, and more.

An Interview with David Puretz

The author of The Escapist talks about the inspiration for his new novel, on self-reflexiveness, metafiction, metanarration, Paul Auster and other influences, on the frame narrative structure, his setting, experiment and contemporary lives, and lots more.