Category: Author interviews

An interview with Leslie Klein

Poet and artist Leslie Klein talks about her new book Driving Through Paintings, the influence of living in the northeast US, her sculpture, libraries, birds, the relationship between visual art and writing, her work-in-progress, and more.

An interview with Gail Godwin

A three-time nominee for the National Book Award and a former Guggenheim Fellow, Godwin is the author of two short story collections, three nonfiction books, and fifteen novels. The latest one, Old Lovegood Girls, was published this year. In this interview, conducted just prior to publication, Godwin talks about her upcoming novel, her writing process, thought on the mystical and her experiences with Scientology, ghosts, grief, autobiography and fiction, and much more.

An interview with Deborah Turner

The author of Sweating It Out talks about her educational background, the important of sports in her life and work, her themes, some of the striking lines in her work, feminism, on the influence of being a librarian, on identity and transformation, and lots more.

An interview with Teresa Carmody

The author of The Reconception of Marie talks about her new book and why she’s excited about its release, why she chose to write from a young perspective, on reimagining the traditional Bildungsroman, on friendship and interpersonal relationships, Fra Angelico, the book’s relevance to today’s political landscape and lots more.

An interview with Debra Thomas

The author of Luz talks about her new book, the process of writing it, the story behind it and her work in Amnesty International, her target reader, her work-in-progress, and lots more.

An interview with Richard Thomas

Author, editor, and teacher Richard Thomas talks about writing through difficult situations, about the value of MFA programs and teaching writing, about accurately representing diversity in his work as an editor, about writing across genres, and elevating genres like horror, advise to writers who might be afraid to show others their work, and lots more.

An interview with Fred Stuvek

The author of Don’t F*** This Up! talks about his new book and its confronting title, on the dimensions of success, his core ideas, advice for job seekers, and more.

An interview with Sally Bird

Sally Bird runs Calidris Literary Agency. In this in-depth interview, she talks about the changing role of the literary agent, the repercussions of Covid-19 on the book world: authors, publishers, and readers, post-covid predictions, advice for authors, and lots more.

An interview with Lucy Rose Fischer

The author of The Journalist talks about her new book and its inspiration, about her big brother Jerry Rose, why it took her so long, on ‘ghost-writing’, her own life, and lots more.