Category: Author interviews

Interview with Dane Cobain

The author of No Rest for the Wicked. drops by to talk about his work, his editing process, where he gets his ideas, his secret novel, his writing routine, his favourite books, best writing advice, promotion tips, and lots more.

Interview with with Author John E. Stith

The author of Deep Quarry talks about why he’s re-releasing nine of his novels in less than a year, sci-fi versus fantasy, the way he comes up with book ideas, his research, on the nature of writing, his favourite authors, how the study of Physics has informed his writing, his influences, work-in-progress, and lots more.

An interview with Robert Eggleton

The author of Rarity from the Hollow talks in some detail about his new multi-genre novel, about why it’s not for the “prudish, faint of heart, or easily offended”, his characters, what draws him to science fiction, about the charity his book supports and why, and lots more.

Interview with Paula Wynne

The author of The Grotto’s Secret talks about the writing of her first novel, about her inspirations and influences, her unusual writing habits, her characters, the future of book publishing, her work-in-progress, the books on her night table, and her all-time favourites, and lots more.

Interview with Marie Darrieussecq

I caught up with Marie Darrieussecq at the Sydney Writers Festival and we talked about such things as her latest novel Men, her characters Solange and Kouhouesso, on the glitz of the city and being an outsider, on passion vs love, her research process, on finding the right voice, and lots more.

Interview with Sharon Nir

The author of The Opposite of Comfortable: The Unlikely Choices of an Immigrant Career Woman talks about the writing of her first book and the challenges it presented, the grueling process of skilled worker immigration to the U.S. and the choices she had to make, whether it was worth the pain, the surprises, her target market, her new work in progress, and lots more.

Interview with Andrew Joyce and Danny the Dog

Andrew Joyce and Danny the Dog provide a joint interview, in which they rib one another, talk about themselves, their influences, their hobbies, how they got into writing, their plotting processes, their most difficult jobs, and more.

An interview with Gary Wilson

The author of Getting Right talks about his new novel, about his character development, his writing process, top tips for authors, his influences, work-in-progress, how he decided on his title, and more.

An Interview with Bojan Požar

The author of Melania Trump: The inside Story talks about his journalistic background, his new book, the title, the cover, what books he’s currently reading, and more.