Category: Author interviews

A Conversation with Jackie Copleton

The author of A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding talks about her new novel, about her interest in Nagasaki, about why she chose to explore this history through the lens of a family, about her research and what surprised her, about her novel’s structure, about the challenges of creating a character whose time and culture are so different, about the use of Japanese words, her title’s meaning, about how the lessons learned from that time resonate in our current political climate, and lots more.

Interview with Megan Futcher

The author of Fourborn Wind and Fire – a new fantasy book series talks about her writing habits, her love for fantasy, ebooks vs print books, traditional vs indie publishing, her ‘real life’ inspirations, her technologies, themes, and lots more.

An interview with Juliette Wells

Juliette Wells is the editor and Introducer of Emma: 200th-Anniversary Annotated Edition.  She joins us to talk about Jane Austin, what’s new in this edition, the illustrations, on teaching Austin, Austrians, what’s special about Emma, and lots more.

An interview with Kaye Dobbie

The author of Sweet Wattle Creek talks about her latest novel, when and why she started writing, about why writing across multiple time periods appeals to her, about the fictional setting of her novel and its inspiration, her favourite books and more.

Interview with with Emily Jenkins and Paul O. Zelinsky

The author and illustrator of Toys Meet Snow talk about their new picture book and its relationship to the chapter books and how different the illustration process was, about the author/illustrator working relationship, about where the idea for the book came from, about the characters and why they resonate with readers, ideas for parents of reluctant readers, and lots more.

Interview with Mary E Martin

As part of her worldwide blog tour, the author of The Trilogy of Remembrance talks about the trilogy form and what draws her to it, about her characters and their extra-fictional lives, about the link between law and fiction, the relationship between truth and fact, what draws her to the art world, and lots more.

Interview with Andrew Joyce

The author of Molly Lee talks about his work, his new novel, his main character, why he writes, how to deal with writer’s block, his favourite authors, advice for aspiring authors, and more.

Interview with Val Brelinski

The author of The Girl Who Slept with God talks about her novel, her journey to becoming a full time writer, her experiences growing up in a strict evangelical household, the events in her childhood that became the impetus for the novel, the relationship between science and religion, her characters and the ‘real-life’ people behind them, and lots more.

An interview with Carolyn Howard-Johnson

The author of the newly revised The Frugal Book Editor talks about her biggest mistakes and how they’ve helped her become a marketing whiz, her best ‘bang-for-the-buck’ marketing idea, the worst thing a writer can do with respect to promotion, the changes she’s seen in marketing books (and readers) over the years, and lots more.

Interview with J Ryan Stradal

The author of Kitchens of the Great Midwest talks about his new book and his main character Eva, his love for and knowledge of food, the source for his recipes, the J in his name, his work on reality shows, the best meal he’s ever had, and lots more.