Category: Author interviews

An interview with Dawn Anahid Mackeen

The author of The Hundred-Year Walk: An Armenian Odyssey talks about what compelled her to write her book, about her grandfather and the mandate his journals gave her, about the dangers and surprises of writing the book, about Raqqa, writing about genocide, about her own involvement and heritage, about her research and visiting Turkey, and lots more.

Interview with Tom Maremaa

The author of Of Gods, Royals and Superman talks about his new book and how he characterises it, about his characters and how he finds them and brings them to life, his writing process and more.

An Interview with Justin Isis

The author of Welcome to the Arms Race talks about his new novel and how it relates (or doesn’t relate) to his previous novel, about his favourite sci-fi writers, and particularly about Lawrence Miles, about the Singularity, Artificial Intelligence, and lots more.

Interview with Destiny Allison

Destiny Allison truly lives her motto that life is art. As a widely collected sculpture artist and four-time author, each creation bespeaks her passion for life and the search for meaning in the experience. Today we’re talking with Allison about her new book The Romance Diet, her thoughts on social issues, her new release, and what is was like to “bare all.”

Mining Love and Truth in Music: Ain’t We Brothers by Sam Gleaves

The album Ain’t We Brothers is a collection of songs by the singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Sam Gleaves; and it contains songs of family, love, labor, community, and struggle. Sam Gleaves plays banjo, dulcimer, fiddle, guitar, and autoharp but Gleaves does perform with admired friends. With the fiddle of Tim Crouch and the banjo of Cathy Fink, Sam Gleaves sings “Working Shoes,” about a woman observing the efforts of a hardworking husband, efforts that do not change the fact of family impoverishment.

An interview with Billie Bond

The author of And Then There Was One: A Memoir of My Survival of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse and Mental Illness talks about her new book, about her inspirations, the messages in her book, favourite authors, about the programs she works for, on how it feels to be published, advice for people grappling with similar issues, and lots more.

An interview with Julie Barton

The author of Dog Medicine talks about her book, the writing process, on examining her life, the novel she wrote before Dog Medicine, on writing as therapy, on her dog Bunker and how he saved her, on writing about pain, her other pets, her work-in-progress, and lots more.

A Conversation with Jackie Copleton

The author of A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding talks about her new novel, about her interest in Nagasaki, about why she chose to explore this history through the lens of a family, about her research and what surprised her, about her novel’s structure, about the challenges of creating a character whose time and culture are so different, about the use of Japanese words, her title’s meaning, about how the lessons learned from that time resonate in our current political climate, and lots more.