Category: Author interviews

An interview with Judy Reeves, author of Wild Women, Wild Voices — Writing from Your Authentic Wildness

The author of Wild Women, Wild Voices — Writing from Your Authentic Wildness talks about her latest book, the “wild” in Wild Women, about “wild voice”, how wild writing is different from other forms of writing, the nature of ‘authentic’, writing explorations, the nature of story, the importance of stories, journaling, creating writing spaces, and lots more.

A Conversation with Brenda Bowen

The author of Enchanted August talks about how the idea for her latest novel developed, on the relationship between her book and the original Enchanted April, her feelings about Maine, her literary influences, her writing process, her perfect summer day, and her own Hopewell Cottage imaginary houseguests.

Interview with Mary Kay Andrews

The author of Beach Town talks about why she chose to write about Hollywood, the research she did, the real town behind Cypress Key, her Floridian setting, her characters (including the dachshund), her favourite beach town, her work in progress, and more.

Interview with Joshua Braff

The author of The Daddy Diaries talks about his new book and its parallels with his own life, about the challenges of drawing from real life for his fiction, about the dearth of stay-at-home dads in fiction, about being a house-husband, the challenges of writing at home with children, about where, and how he writes, and lots more.

Interview with Deborah Harkness

The author of the newly released paperback version of The Book of Life returns to The Compulsive Reader to talk about the intersection of science and magic, about the themes of her book, the value of fantasy, the story behind her book, her settings, about lost books, and lots more.

Interview with Kim Korson

The author of I Don’t Have a Happy Place talks about her book and the impact of writing about such heavy topics, the things she’s learned, the structure of her book, about writing in the voice of teenaged Kim, the comedians who have inspired her, and lots more.

Interview with Tonya Barbee

The author of The Little Girl Inside: Owning My Role in My Own Pain talks about how she started writing, the inspiration for her book, her title, her themes, her work-in-progress, the hardest part of writing the book, and more.

An interview with Jacob Rubin

The author of The Poser talks about his protagonist, the World’s Greatest Impressionist, about his experience as a juggler and a rapper, about growing up among psychoanalysts and the influence on his character, about the user of first-person confession, about his parallel world fable-like setting, and much more.

An interview with Vladimire Calixte

The author of Naked and Transparent talks about her background, the inspiration behind her new book, her messages, her work-in-progress (including an excerpt), and lots more.

An interview with Claire Kells

The author of Girl Underwater talks about the origin of her first novel, about the relationship between being a practising doctor and writing, about the Colorado Rockies (her setting), her novel’s structure, about writing love triangles, her themes, PTSD, swimming, would would play her leads in the film version, and lots more.