Category: Author interviews

Interview with Andrew Joyce and Danny the Dog

Andrew Joyce and Danny the Dog provide a joint interview, in which they rib one another, talk about themselves, their influences, their hobbies, how they got into writing, their plotting processes, their most difficult jobs, and more.

An interview with Gary Wilson

The author of Getting Right talks about his new novel, about his character development, his writing process, top tips for authors, his influences, work-in-progress, how he decided on his title, and more.

An Interview with Bojan Požar

The author of Melania Trump: The inside Story talks about his journalistic background, his new book, the title, the cover, what books he’s currently reading, and more.

An interview with Dawn Anahid Mackeen

The author of The Hundred-Year Walk: An Armenian Odyssey talks about what compelled her to write her book, about her grandfather and the mandate his journals gave her, about the dangers and surprises of writing the book, about Raqqa, writing about genocide, about her own involvement and heritage, about her research and visiting Turkey, and lots more.

Interview with Tom Maremaa

The author of Of Gods, Royals and Superman talks about his new book and how he characterises it, about his characters and how he finds them and brings them to life, his writing process and more.

An Interview with Justin Isis

The author of Welcome to the Arms Race talks about his new novel and how it relates (or doesn’t relate) to his previous novel, about his favourite sci-fi writers, and particularly about Lawrence Miles, about the Singularity, Artificial Intelligence, and lots more.

Interview with Destiny Allison

Destiny Allison truly lives her motto that life is art. As a widely collected sculpture artist and four-time author, each creation bespeaks her passion for life and the search for meaning in the experience. Today we’re talking with Allison about her new book The Romance Diet, her thoughts on social issues, her new release, and what is was like to “bare all.”