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A review of The Publishing Game series by Fern Reiss

Each chapter comprises a week, within which every day is set out. In other words, like any good time management consultant, Reiss has “chunked” the process into a set of fairly simple and straightforward steps to follow, some taking only…

A review of The Writing Experiment by Hazel Smith

This book is highly recommended for writers of all levels of ability – those interested in producing avant-garde works and those who only want to delve deeper into the art of communication using traditional models. It is, and perhaps unintentionally so, one of the clearest, easy to follow books on postmodernism in literature on the market. This is a unique and very valuable offering to the literary world, full of unusual experiments with words that writers will make use of repeatedly.

A review of Knock Their Socks Off by Mridu Khullar

Although at 130 pages, this isn’t a lengthy book, it is a pleasurable, humorous read full of pithy information designed solely to get the reader writing for the potentially lucrative magazine/freelance article market. Reviewed by Magdalena Ball Knock Their Socks…