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A review of John Grisham’s The Painted House

It is perhaps not fair to review The Painted House from a literary perspective, since the literary and stylistic quality of his prose is not part of his appeal. However, the setting out of critical apparatus for objective book reviewing…

A review of Pnin by Vladimir Nabokov

There are some wonderful classic novels which are well worth reading and re-reading. Vladimir Nabokov’s Pnin is one of those, and guest reviewer Tom Frenkel, turns his analytical eye on Pnin. Nabokov is most famous for his novel Lolita, but…

A Review of The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook

The Mother of All Cookbooks: A Review of The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook  There are few recipes you can conceive of which aren’t in this book, especially if you are interested in classic American cookery. From the perfect chicken pot…

A review of Lily Brett’s New York

Lily Brett’s New York is a lighthearted, easy to read book which looks at life in New York from the perspective of an Australian who has been living in Manhatten for over ten years.