Interview with China Mieville

The author of The Scar talks about his latest novel, major themes like scarring, hunger and his unique “monsters,” his drawings, Quantum physics and its relationship to his work, literary snobbery, science fantasy and political commitment and his future work. Interview by…

Interview with Michael de Valle

The author of Going Home talks candidly about his collection of stories, the beauty of the short story as a writing form, his characters, the relationship between stories and poetry, his voice, the impact of parenting on his work, his greatest achievement, and lots more.

A review of Going Home by Michael de Valle

But it is when de Valle brings death itself directly into the story that his prose really shines. The complex relationship between life and death are the centre of action in “Two slices of blue”, a story about a child who is given back his eyesight from a donor’s corneas. The tightness of the narrative is superbly handled as de Valle moves back and forth between the moment of death/damage, a wife’s realisation that she’s lost her husband, and a parent’s experience of their child’s accident and subsequent operation.

Interview with Michael Gerrish

The author of the Mind-Body Makeover Book talks about his book, his key concepts, accupressure. the over obsession with physical perfection and paradoxically, rising obesity levels. his free teleclasses, obstacles to fitness, living an authentic life and more. Magdalena Ball: Why…