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Interview with J Ryan Stradal

The author of Kitchens of the Great Midwest talks about his new book and his main character Eva, his love for and knowledge of food, the source for his recipes, the J in his name, his work on reality shows, the best meal he’s ever had, and lots more.

An interview with Phil Harvey

Phil Harvey is an award-winning author, philanthropist and libertarian whose stories won a prize from Antietam Review and were nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His dark fiction and controversial ideas have broadened debate on violent entertainment, relationships and sexuality. At the core of his fiction stand the motives, methods and goals of the characters. Here he talks about his latest novel Show Time and the release of three new collections: Wisdom of Fools: Stories of Extraordinary Lives, Devotional: Erotic Stories for the Sensual Mind, and Across the Water: Tales of the Human Heart.

Interview with Joshua Braff

The author of The Daddy Diaries talks about his new book and its parallels with his own life, about the challenges of drawing from real life for his fiction, about the dearth of stay-at-home dads in fiction, about being a house-husband, the challenges of writing at home with children, about where, and how he writes, and lots more.

An interview with Jacob Rubin

The author of The Poser talks about his protagonist, the World’s Greatest Impressionist, about his experience as a juggler and a rapper, about growing up among psychoanalysts and the influence on his character, about the user of first-person confession, about his parallel world fable-like setting, and much more.

An interview with Jennifer N Martin

The author of Psoriasis—A Love Story talks about her book, her inspirations, her writing style, her writing mentors, what’s on her reading table, what she learned from writing her book, advice for other writers, her favourite quote, and lots more.

Interview with John M Cummings

The author of Don’t Forget Me, Bro talks about his novel, the first book he remembers reading as a child, what he’s reading now, his inner garden, the last thing he googled, and what makes him cringe.

A conversation with Rosie Sultan

The author of Helen in Love talks about her new book, about her interest in Helen Keller, about the most exciting and shocking information she found during her research, about the relationship between biography and historical fiction, and more.

An interview with Beth Hoffman

The author of Looking For Me talks about her latest book, the connection she feels with her settings, the power of objects, her characters and how they come about, birds and feathers in her work, advice for new novelists and lots more.

Interview with Anson Cameron

The author of Confessing the Blues talks about his latest book, his characters, about dreams that are dangerous journeys, about good and bad music and writing, slander, about his “quintessentially Australian” style, the tyre business, parental neglect, his next book and lots…

Interview with Chad Hautmann, author of Billie’s Ghost

The author of Billie’s Ghost talks about his his novel, his research, the process of getting published, about the relationship between teaching literature, and writing it, and his big literary influences. Interview by Magdalena Ball  Magdalena: Tell me about the background…