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An interview with Julie Barton

The author of Dog Medicine talks about her book, the writing process, on examining her life, the novel she wrote before Dog Medicine, on writing as therapy, on her dog Bunker and how he saved her, on writing about pain, her other pets, her work-in-progress, and lots more.

Interview with Megan Futcher

The author of Fourborn Wind and Fire – a new fantasy book series talks about her writing habits, her love for fantasy, ebooks vs print books, traditional vs indie publishing, her ‘real life’ inspirations, her technologies, themes, and lots more.

Interview with Mary E Martin

As part of her worldwide blog tour, the author of The Trilogy of Remembrance talks about the trilogy form and what draws her to it, about her characters and their extra-fictional lives, about the link between law and fiction, the relationship between truth and fact, what draws her to the art world, and lots more.

Interview with Andrew Joyce

The author of Molly Lee talks about his work, his new novel, his main character, why he writes, how to deal with writer’s block, his favourite authors, advice for aspiring authors, and more.

Interview with Val Brelinski

The author of The Girl Who Slept with God talks about her novel, her journey to becoming a full time writer, her experiences growing up in a strict evangelical household, the events in her childhood that became the impetus for the novel, the relationship between science and religion, her characters and the ‘real-life’ people behind them, and lots more.

Interview with Kim Korson

The author of I Don’t Have a Happy Place talks about her book and the impact of writing about such heavy topics, the things she’s learned, the structure of her book, about writing in the voice of teenaged Kim, the comedians who have inspired her, and lots more.

An interview with Jacob Rubin

The author of The Poser talks about his protagonist, the World’s Greatest Impressionist, about his experience as a juggler and a rapper, about growing up among psychoanalysts and the influence on his character, about the user of first-person confession, about his parallel world fable-like setting, and much more.

An interview with Vladimire Calixte

The author of Naked and Transparent talks about her background, the inspiration behind her new book, her messages, her work-in-progress (including an excerpt), and lots more.

An Interview with Neil Spector

The author of Gone in a Heartbeat talks about his new book, about his own medical ordeal and mis-diagnosis, what it feels like to receive a new heart, advice to readers to help them advocate for themselves in medical situations, on the nature of the current medical profession and how it needs to change, on trusting your instincts, and lots more.

An Interview with RosaBella Bloom

The author of Ruby ShinesBright and the Birthday cake talks about the inspiration for her book, her fantasy writing mentor, the value of stepping out of the comfort zone, her writing challenges, advice for other writers, and more.