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An interview with Stewart O’Nan

The author of West of Sunset talks about his new novel and why it was a novel instead of a bio, his attraction to F. Scott Fitzgerald, how he you developed his ear for Algonquin-style repartee, the paradox of the alcoholic, his greatest challenges, on Los Angeles, Hollywood, and lots more.

An interview with Christopher Noxon

The author of Plus One talks about why he made the switch from journalism to fiction writing, about his foray into beads, about where the story for his first novel came from and how closely it aligns to his own story, how he came up with his illustrations, his creative process, what’s next for him and lots more.

An interview with Allen Wyler

The author of Deadly Odds talks about how he comes up with his story ideas, his protagonist, on choosing Vegas as his setting, on the attraction of the thriller genre, on the upcoming sequel, on the book’s cinematic potential, and more.

An Interview with M.J. Vigna

The author of Deadly Deadly talks about her life and history, her inspirations, the books she’s reading, her upcoming projects, her literary mentors, and lots more.

A Conversation with Stuart Rojstaczer

The author of The Mathematician’s Shiva talks about his inspirations, how he came to fiction writing from a background in science, about the appeal of stories about academic life, about the autobiographical elements of the book, about the balance between comedy and tragedy, his characters, history and memory, and lots more.

An Interview with Mike Martin

martinThe author of Beneath the Surface talks about his background, how he began writing, his style, his writing mentors, all about his latest novel, his covers, his challenges, and more.

Interview with Joan Heartwell

The author of Hamster Island talks about her upcoming memoir, the major difficulties she had to overcome to write Hamster Island, her experiences growing up, on memoir and catharsis, major themes, on living with handicapped siblings, her book’s structure, and lots more.

An Interview with Deborah Doucette

The author of The Forgotten Roses talks about her plot, her themes, her characters, her approach to characterisation, how she began writing, her greatest challenges, her writing process, her research, her influences, what’s on her night stand, and lots more.

An Interview with Francesca Salerno

The author of The Pakistan Conspiracy talks about herself and her new book, how she began writing, her inspiration and influences, what’s on her night table, her book covers, her challenges and more.